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Almost nothing has changed over the many years. Even today Matheran is only place in Asia where automobiles are prohibited at Hill Station. The beauty of Matheran is still untouched by time and unspoiled by civilization. Matheran is strictly for those peoples who can enjoy a little walks, horse rides and peace in the life.Vehicles are restricted upto Dasturi Naka, which is 2 kms from the town. Only Toy train entered in the Matheran up to station and for the all transportation purpose vehicles used here are horses and hand carts/ pulled rickshaws.Fleet of Horse in Matheran is more than 500 horses, from that around 65 horses are use for freight rest of use for transportation. There are around 100 hand carts in Matheran for transportation.

Matheran attraction

Matheran Toy Train

It’s astonishing to travel by Toy train from Neral to Matheran a hill station in Raigad district in Maharashtra (India). Toy Trains journey takes around 281 thriller zigz...

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Horses at Matheran

You need to park your car (even if you are not willing to do so!) at Dasturi Naka. Dasturi Naka is 3 kms away from Main Street of Matheran or railways station of Matheran...

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Nature of Matheran

At Matheran you will be relax, Rested and Rejuvenating. Really this is the effect of Matheran atmosphere, which you will be experienced. It is crown placed in sahyadri hi...

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Monkeys at Matheran

There are many numbers of monkeys here, they are a very common sight, leaping from tree to tree or climbing the housetops.They are a restless race with bulky bodies...

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